Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31 - Early morning GHOST town:

Wow, everyone must have "partied like it was 1999" on Sunday. Because the boat ramp was a Ghost town at 7am this morning.
I liked that! As I told my customer Ken W. "There were more people out here on Mother's Day!"

Having a vacant boat ramp and river doesn't bother me one bit. More room for me. I had two adults and two teenage boys today, as we headed out towards the jetties. AGAIN, thank goodness the marine forecast was wrong. Originally, I had my doubts. The N.E. winds 10-15 or better, wasn't part of the equation. Although there was plenty of close swell in the ocean. Being out there early had us NOT finding any Pogies for Redbass bait, at first. Low level sun, and some clouds had spotting the dark spots in the water mighty tough. So, instead of bouncing around I went and anchored up till the sun came up a little better. And gave us a chance to watch the Pelicans, to see if they could find them for us.

In the mean time, the guys caught a few Whiting and a true "scalloped" Hammerhead Shark. It was just a baby, 20" long. But still a cool catch.  It didn't take long, for the tide to start to ebb, and when it did I pulled anchor and headed over the jetty rocks and spotted several pods of Pogies. Made a few casts with the net and got the bait we needed, for our Redbass fishing.

The boat bounced around like it was in a washing machine......"and I guess it's still rough out there right now. Because as I write this report it's 7am on Tuesday and my phone is ringing with people bumped off, offshore charter trips already!"

I went on the inside of the rocks and tried to get this party started ASAP. I had rigged a few 3/8ths oz. jigheads. I pinned a Pogie on and made some casts up into the shallow rocks at the tip of the jetty. I had to cast, the boys couldn't pitch the light baits on a Shimano Citica baitcaster. And after a few survey pitches, I got bit. And handed it to one of the boys. PARTY STARTED!
It was a 27-1/2" (over sized) Redbass. But a good catch....with a litl' help for Cappy Dave.

I got Ken into the casting also, since he's a baitcasting Bass Fisherman. But we only had the one taker, as we power drifted the jetty.

We went an anchored up where I was yesterday. In hopes of the Whiting chewing like they did on Sunday.

So with two Pogies out the stern, and two rods out with the boys fishing with shrimp. We were ready for whatever.

Some decent sized Whiting were coming over the rails, when a Pogie rod doubled over.

And we had another "RB" hooked up.
I was down to "TWO" anglers, and had TWO on the bow seasick.

This next RB was larger......

It was 32" and a good catch for our teen-age angler.

Then, from out of now where, the boat swung and we weren't laying along the rocks any longer. "We were caught up in the vortex of hell....." 
I kept live baits on and out behind the boat, butthe further away from the rocks meant, alien hover-craft hook-ups. AKA: Stingrays!!
Ken, got slam dunked by one that had his way with him, the entire battle was under the boat and around the outboard. But as an experienced angler he held his own and eventually got the garbage can lid sized Stinger up to the boat. Then, another one. A massive one took our Jr. Anglers line and dumped the spool. No stopping this one, so I had to bust it off before I'd loose $50 worth of 30# Braided line!

Yep, ya gotta love summer time at the jetties! You can ALWAYS count on the Stingers to ruin allot of tackle. As the tide/current straighted out, we got back in line along the rocks finally. And boxed a few more Whiting, and hooked up another Pogie eating Redbass. That was a KEEPER at 26-1/2".

It wasn't long after, that Ken's son-in-law said, "Let's Go." He had a case of the hee-bee-gee-bee's, and was just down for the count. So we kinda made it an early day. And headed back to clean our catch.

They guys ended up with a dozen or so Whiting and one Redbass for frying pan. As we left the breeze seemed to start swinging around towards the NE a little bit. And if it did, I can bet today is again a washing machine out there.

It's summer. But it's summer in Jax. Which doesn't always mean slick calm waters, at the jetties or off the beach or offshore. So, always be prepared for the water to be moving, either up or down, or side ways. When we're out there. It's your responsibility to come prepared.

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