Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6/22 - Triple Tarpon...Solo.

Tarpon AKA “Silver King”:

Believe it or not, the Tarpon is really a giant saltwater bait fish called “Thread Herring”.

Since no one wanted to go. I headed out myself today. Really didn't have much of a plan. The only thing I knew was that I didn't want to contend with any river current, or deep water anchoring. Need to save my back for Saturday's charter.

Yeah, it was hot and boy was it smokey. The wind had the forest fire smoke blowing in and the whole area looked like an over cast winter day. But I didn't care. It didn't bother me none.

Had three Tarpon hook ups today and landed one about 30 pounds. (they are very hard to estimate) Boatside release, had the gaff in it's mouth and tried to haul it over the gunnel hold rod and 6 foot gaff. My hand gaff was locked up in my console dry storage and could'nt get to it. Let alone try and film or photo. Tried that too, but the camera wasn't ON, when I thought it was. (dammit!!!!!)

So, No photos, no video.
It was like this one caught by Anne Quigley of Virginia

I tried to video and photo, but solo it was really hard to do it all.

Big Mullet on a float near Mullet schools at the jetties.

I saw another boat hook up and reel one in too.

No chumming, no pogies, no drifting.....jus' as I used to say...."why run around looking for Tarpon when they're all around the jetty rocks."

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