Monday, July 18, 2011

7/18 - REEFS, inshore?

Artificial reefs built inside 3 miles???
Wow, now there's a wacky idea. (sarcasm)

An idea I have always wondered, "Why not?"

Sure there's secret double whammy places that'll hold fish inside 3 miles. But they are usually tiny little spots.

Wouldn't you like to make a short run just out off the beach and fish an area that is large, that would possibly hold some bait schools, schools of Spanish Macs, or even a Snapper??

I know I would. Seeing that a long ride 20 miles offshore anymore isn't my "forte". And many of my clients are not interested in that.
Being that I like to specialize in NO-LONG-BOAT-RIDES. Close in artificial reef placements would be great!

E-mail   Dana Morton at  - - or Call his office at 904-255-7213 and let him know that you would like to see some Artificial Reefs built  within the 3 mile State waters off Jacksonville. 

When asked about this he said there didn't appear to be any interest in doing any reefs near shore as he hadn’t been contacted about it at all.  (I believe he just hasn't asked the right people!!)

Let him know we really would love to see some close-in reefs.   Remember you can still catch Red Snapper and keep 2,  Twenty inches or larger,  within state waters!
Pass this info on to everyone that fishes even if they are not members of the JOSFC.  It just plain makes sense, More reefs = more fish!   Don't assume someone else will do it, get off your chair and send the E-mail or make that call!

I certainly did.

Tell him your reasons for thinking it's a good idea. 

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