Monday, July 4, 2011

7/2 & 7/3 - two days, during the holiday

Had Ed and Melissa, aboard today. Vacationing in J-ville from NY. Actually they said they were heading to the "thousand islands"

but, ended up in Jacksonville, Florida instead!
Wow, that was a difference of a few hours driving!

Either way, I was glad to have them aboard the Jettywolf, because they were fun to have out for two days.

So, day one. We went "sharkin". Started out behind the shrimp boats. And all that was there were some "smaller" sharks.

Depending on who you are, they're smaller. I had plans for Ed to hook-up on a monster "spinner". Yeah, a cork screwing jumping through the air Blacktip, also known  as a "spinner shark". They usually range from 50 to well over 100 pounds.

A Hundred Pounder is what I had in mind. BUT, the tide was a rising one. Not exactly what I wanted for those jetty maulers that we were hooking last Wednesday. The ones that were eating small Croakers that were being reeled in by Erica and her daughter, and myself.

So I know exactly where the monster drag smokers were. Just needed the tide to get to them......the last half of the falling tide. But that wouldn't be till very late in the day.

So we tried everything you could do.  And finally, the tide turned. But the first of the falling tide isn't exactly perfect. So getting in postion was a challenge. But after awhile, the current pushed just right and one of the big fish rods bent over and there it is, Ed's hooked up to a monster. The shark runs, then runs at the boat, then runs away, then as Ed's having to play the game of the shark's terms, the shark jumps out of the water, get's a half a "spin" on the heavy drag of the Accurate reel, and POPS the line.

OHHHHHHH, the agony of defeat! It hit all three of us, hard. We were actually packing it in for the day. Tossing the bait away, stowing the rods, packing up, and that's when the shark bit, and it was the ONE.

Ed and Melissa surprised me. They said they wanted to go again the next day, too. I had a possible for the next day. And told them, "if that dude doesn't do his deposit, we'll go". Well, the dude never did his deposit. It's funny how some people will jerk you around on a holiday weekend. And at the same time want the world on a platter too. So, I was glad to take out Ed and Melissa again.

I pondered all night. What should we do, next? Again, the tide's the complete opposite of what I'd want for fishing for the Big Redbass. But then again, "Heck, they're BIG. And Ed deserves BIG."  Ed said he was a Muskie and Pike fisherman back home in up state NY. So....he's a big fish kinda guy.

So we met up at 7am again and headed down river, where we caught monster Reds last week....But on the last of the falling tide!
We wouldn't have that, TODAY!

I anchored up and we caught FREE bait. The bottom was carpeted with mini-Croakers. And BIG RB's like to eat, mini-Croakers. So as the tide started to flood, with a livewell full of free bait, I tossed out some live Croakers. We had some takers, but they weren't Big Reds.

Ed caught two "into the fish box" Yellowmouth Trout, as we waited for that rod bender. And as we waited, I made a move to where I've caught incoming tide big Reds before.

And at 11am, the rod bent over and the rest was history. Ed got a trophy sized Redbass.

Here's the footage:  (I went with captions and music, because the sound got messed up somehow along the way.)  


It was challenging to say the least. I had the tide that Momma Nature gives me to work with.
That's why I like a plan. If you're coming with FISHING a 100% in mind. Let me select the days for you during the summer months. I can do that. I know how to pick'em.

I guess now, with the holiday all over, next up is the Greater Jax Kingfish Tournament on the 20th thru the 22nd. Fishing those day is a real pain. So book ahead, or after those dates. There's your, heads-up.

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