Friday, July 22, 2011

7/22 - Ethanol Testing

REALLY, what % of Ethanol is in the gas you buy on the street?

"LESS THAN 10%" is what the pump says.

Well, like many. I'm of a curious nature. And wanted to know myself, from the gas stations I use, for my truck and my Honda 225 outboard.

You can find loads of useful tests and info on Youtube. But again, I'm a do it yourself'er.

I'm using a tester distributed by Honda Marine, for $9.00. In my opinion, a cheap investment to spend, to jus' know.

Every Marine mechanic is all over "Ethanol Problems". Well, I use my boat all the time, every two days put new fuel in the tank. Been using StarTron ethanol treatment (??needed??)

And now, I know the facts of the percentage of ethanol, in the fuel I buy. Sooo, I shouldn't have any problems right?

Honda Marine engines can run and are built to run on 10% or less ethanol.

Here's another helper. You don't know if your gas is "dirty or wet", either.
Before it hits your fuel filters, be a RACOR or the ones in under your cowling.
You can get rid of it!

Check out this from "ShipShape TV":

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