Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8/2 - HOT day, BIG "RB's"

Had Danielle and crew from NY city passing through Jax, and doing some fishing. Beautiful morning, but the fishing for targeted species was s-l-o-w. As we skipped from spot to spot on the rising tide. Fishing just shrimp on the bottom, while putting a big bait out behind the boat, for a larger fish.

Whiting, Stingrays, Croakers, Pinfish, Pigfish, Crab, Sharks, were caught. But I was wanting BIG, or a real good eater. One spot we couldn't keep a shrimp on the bottom for two seconds because of the bait stealers. So we left.

Danielle said, "I'll need to use a rest room....soon".  Guess the bucket wouldn't do today. So we went by a public boat ramp and the girls used the restroom and we headed back out. Since Danielle planned her trip well in advance, I was able to plan ahead. I had a plan laid out for the day, so let's see if the last spot, would work out for us. 

The rising tide was screaming. Cool, green water was ripping under the boat. Fresh Blue Crab, Cut fresh Mullet and Croaker, with 8 ounces of sinker. Put the rod in the holders, sit back in the heat and wait.......and the wait didn't last long at all.

The first rod bent over like a horse shoe, and that's all she wrote.......

F-I-S-H  O-N!!!!!!!! 

From 15 to 30+ pounds, it was a great way to end our day. It was truely a steam bath. But so much FUN. I just don't get enough girls out there. I have to say, they're always a good time.

Here's the Video:

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