Friday, September 9, 2011

9/9 - Birthday fishing trip

Had Richard W. and his wife aboard today. I took Richard and his daughter fishing and we wacked the Trout and Jacks pretty darn good one spring, SIX YEARS AGO.

So, when Richard wanted to come down from Georgia to do some fishing and vacationing with the wife over his birthday, who did he call......The Jettywolf!

Six years ago, on our last trip, I was still fishing my old boat. The For Reelin II.

But, when Richard called me, I immediately remembered him and his daughter. Because she reeled in a 5 pound Speckled Trout, in the first 15 minutes on the first spot I dropped anchor.

And I distinctly remember we fished some serious HOT spring Trout spots, that today due to J-ville being over run with military law zones, we can't fish any more. Which is such a shame. And only hurts us as a visitors destination.

But that's all in the distant past now.

So we left out this morning at 8am at high tide and I was on the epic search for 3" Finger Mullet. I got a few at the boat ramp, but the Mayport ramp is more of a low tide Mullet spot. So we headed to a high tide Mullet catching spot, and while catching them I tossed my net and hung a $100 "glass-minnow" net on a rock and ripped that baby to shreds!

Like jetty anchors, they're made to be lost, and broken. And so are castnets, during Mullet season. That net served me well for 4 years. So now it's time for a new one, oh well.

We had about 25 Mullet so it was time to head out and capture some fishez. The bite has been slow for me and was on Wednesday when Nick and I went. Especially slow on "keeper size Redbass".  Compared to last Sunday, that's for sure. I'm blaming the nearing Full Moon.

Most of the time, here's how it works:

-3 to 4 days before the moon they'll chew good.
-and 3 to 4 days after the moon, the chew will resume.

At least, that's how it is for me. It's all about the tide, which of course is synonymous with the new and full moons.

At high water, is when the good fish bit.

Of course this Redbass was 29 inches!

We hadn't even used a live Mullet yet, we were still just surveying the area with "cut" Mullet and dead shrimp, when this 22" Trout slammed Richards, cut piece of Mullet on the bottom is 33 feet. Yep, when they're hungry Trout will eat "cut bait" too.

Let me see if I can list all the species that we caught today......

Redbass, Trout, Flounder, Bluefish, Croaker, Sailor's Choice, Toadfish, StingRay, Whiting, Seabass, Bank Bass....There maybe a few I missed. But we caught allot of fish. Just not that keeper Redbass we wanted.

It was again a cool, light wind, beautiful day. And Richard's wife who said she definately is not a fisherman, caught a ton of fish today, and learned how to use a baitcasting reel too. It was great having Richard aboard again. And I'm sure he enjoyed his Birthday, today.

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