Monday, December 12, 2011

12/12 - NASTY, nasty, nasty......

Well, since Friday the winds been a howlin'. Sooo....I had the chance for some really "free - time".

Although I did have a call late Saturday for Sunday morning with three people. And it was very obvious the wind blew them into J-ville but they hadn't a clue what Sunday's wind would do to us, on the water.  So I had to educate them, but at the same time I said, "Isn't no thing for me, I can take it!" 

It's quite funny that all the "super last minute", "let's go fishing on a whim" calls I get are always when the winds blowing a gale! 

So, my dad and I with allot of his tools did some work on my Dodge Truck. It officially gets better fuel mileage now and also now has 400 horse power

But that's not really the object of this post, today.

I'm gonna confess something.....

I bought MYSELF a spinning reel!  Yep, I've passed over to the "average joe" side of angling. Myself and the hordes of "LBA's" - Land Based Angler's, standing on every bridge in the state of Florida, chunking touristo rigs over the power lines, now have something in common. 

As a LIFE LONG bait casting reel user, and "bait casting reel, aficionado"  aka: it's all I ever need to catch a fish!
I'm now dabbling in the ORDINARY. Stressing the word "dabbling".

No, I won't be like my buddy D.O.A. Rob and use my spinning reel for float-rig fishing. That's sacreligious! For me it's like adding square wheels to my boat trailer!  But I do have some plans for this one spinning reel I'll call my own.

And it's for Poppin' corkin' and that's it!.  (yep, everything is better, when caught on a cork, to me.)

I have come to like using the ole clicker cork, up in the shallows. ( I know....I'm way behind the times)

-It's like a lure, but it isn't.
-It's like a "float-rig", but it isn't.
-Add a 20-24" leader and a live shrimp on it. They're fun to fish.

But one thing that's needed compared to genuine "float-rig" fishing is being able to cast this super light rig, and cast it a dang country mile!!!

Because when "we're" fishing the clicker cork, it's usually not in smoking tide. But rather a gentle current, to no current at all. Yes, I can cast these with my bait casting reels. Especially, when I add a bit of weight. They usually have none, to minimal weight to them. Even though some call them selves "weighted". But add honking wind, and then even my low profile baitcasting reels and 7'6" rods, it gets really tough to drop the Clicker Corks in the strike zone.

I have spinning reels for my customers. But not for myself.....till now.

And through the magic of the "INTERNET", I have made my own personal CLICKER CORKS.  Cause when I make them my way, they are really loud, tough, and can be cast by even the, not so tackle savvy charter customer.

So, what did I get?

On Ebay, that's where the best deals are short of FREE. So after watching Kevin Ford and the Okuma Reps fishing Venice Louisiana, on Louisiana Sportsman TV, over the years. I was kinda intrigued by Okuma's newest spinning reel.


Really designed different than your average spinning reel, and for $64.00 to my door I'd figure I'll give one a try.

But, it got better. The TRIO spinning reel received an upgrade this past year. An upgrade to HIGH SPEED. And that's the one I wanted. The Okuma Trio-S 30.

Plus, they gave the reel some color versus just black. Which matches perfectly to the Ugly Stik Inshore Select rod I matched the reel too. The colors look great, and the rod and reel combo feel really good too....."for a spinner..."

It's a 6:3-1 gear ratio. So quick retrieves are more than possible. It has minimal weight due to the graphite and aluminum. And the different design is the center piece of aluminum that goes right through the reel seat and the gear box, making it really ridgid. I believe it has up to 15 pounds of drag pressure too.

So, there ya have it. My newest rig, and it's only for one style of fishing and one style only.

I'm that way. I believe in having the correct tackle to fish a certain way. About nothing I own tackle wise, does multiple jobs. Each rod and reel has a  purpose.

And by doing so, "ya jus get to own more, and buy more tackle!!"

Soon as this weather breaks....."let's go fishin!"
call:  8am-8pm eastern time

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