Monday, December 5, 2011

12/3 & 4 - You Name It!

Had a rescheduled trip on Saturday. And because it was 4 small kids and one adult, it was almost a good thing. Because as usual every single weekend. The wind was howling!

So I gave Clay a call......

Clay and friends have started a  new web site and his site is where you can see video shows of local fishing, duck hunting, deer hunting, you name it.

We've been trying to get out and do some footage of winter "float-rig fishing". So I gave Clay a call friday evening. He grabbed a buddy, and a small bass boat to use as a camera boat and we did hours of footage of Doc Miller and myself, doing what we do best, "Float-riggin".

Only problem is, the morning bite was a tough one, and then it went from calm to all out blowing 20 knots.

I'll be sending ya'll over to  as soon as I know that our show is up on the website. I won't tell you what we did, so as not to spoil all the fun.  


Then on Sunday, I had a four passenger charter, that actually turned out to be a 3 person. I picked my guys up at Sisters creek at 7:30am and since the wind was calm. We headed straight to the jetties.

Let me jus' interject a fact here....Do you know that by this time last year I was having an absolute ball fishing the jetties catching Reds and Black Drum. The action right about now started to be so damn good, I about hung up the float-rig rods and gave it up because the bottom bite was so good.

Well, today was only the second day since the 12th of November that I have actually anchored up at the jetties. And even on the 12th it was a some what calm day, directly after several days of gale force winds. We hardly could get a bite back then, and today I actually dropped anchor!

The rollers were huge in between the rocks, it was real slow going heading out to the end of the jetties. And my guys had wide eyes as we rolled over the huge swells. But we went out to the end of the north rocks. And caught one Seabass and one small Yellowmouth trout on live shrimp bottom fishing. AND THAT WAS THE ONLY TWO BITES WE HAD!

YEP, raining offshore. Cloudy all over.

Too bad the big swells don't show up in pics.

Not a single boat but "us" ventured out at the end, in the JETTYWOLF. And the dredge heading out to dump.

Guess what else is upsetting me? The last time I actually got to trout fish the jetties was back on OCTOBER 13th!!!!

The reason for all of this is because every weekend and every time I head out there on a charter, it's rough as a COB.

I sure hope this changes. Because did you know that we're almost 1/2 way through the winter season already?????????
Yep, Christmas marks the half way mark through the best inshore fishing season.

BLINK TWICE, CROSS YOUR ARMS THREE TIMES AND SPIN AROUND THREE TIMES AND GUESS WHAT?  It'll be 90 degrees again, and there it goes, another winter gone, and a boring hot summer to live through.

I love this time of year. It's what keeps me going. And jetty fishing keeps me going. So you can see why my nose is all outa joint.

Whewwww......never is one year ever like another.  At least it's not below 32 degrees every morning, this winter so far. But the wind and big seas, are the problem for me. Or maybe it's the days my customers pick to go?????? 

Well, needless to say. Today, we didn't hang at the jetties much. I had one fella feeling seasick of course. And the rest of the day was full of just a bunch of small fish, no trout, no reds. It was a struggle all day long.

I guess the Jettywolf will fish the water's that are left......The Jetties always seem too rough. We can't fish along the Navy base, Blount Island any the list is growing!

BTW, I plan on doing a video of where YOU as a citizen of the USA, in Jacksonville Florida cannot fish any more. And I'll send it along to the Newspaper, News stations, and maybe even a Congressman or two.  It'll be my personal campaign.

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