Saturday, January 7, 2012

1/7 - Make some noise for big Trout

I'm always messin' around with new tackle......"it's what I do."

So I just received some new floats today and thought I'd share the first look at them with you.

Always looking for new and better ideas to satisfy a need. And I always enjoy experimenting with new floats. Plus having an assortment handy means I'm always ready for all fishing applications. Especially, when it comes to wackin' a big Trout.

Here's a short video introduction I did for you:

Just found this on Youtube under "Sheepshead fishing instruction"......some long lost footage of a video tape series I made years ago distributed by Bennet Marine Video.

Tossing 1/4 ounce jigs, with light wire hooks, With double fiddler crabs pinned to them, outside the North Jetty on a dead calm December day.  Still a "killer" way of connecting to alot of fish, and covering way more water than just dabbing the rocks in one spot. "JUS HAVE ALOT OF JIG-HEADS HANDY"

Oh, and this was before "super braid line" was around. We were using 8 and 10 pound mono. No leaders. 

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