Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/26 - Spring cleaning.....clearence

It's that time of year again. You can make out as I make some room.

I'm not going to talk $$ here. But if ya email me or call me. We can talk prices on what's listed.

To start....

BISCAYNE RODS (custom rods KC Glass blanks, built in S. Florida)

I have (2) 8' Tarpon/Shark/Bottom fishing rods. Unique, because they were designed by ME.
They have Fugi HD "trigger" reel seats. ( I like my finger on a trigger) loaded with Fugi Guides, and EVA foam grips, with aluminum gimbles. Tubular Fiberglass. Yes, they have action and they bend nicely. Heavy action. Used one season and in perfect condition. Retro White glass blank with Blue and yellow wraps, and all guides "underwrapped". 1st class build via Biscayne! 20-50 pound class rods, can handle up to 6 oz.  SOLD


It's IMPOSSIBLE to find a fiberglass 8' trigger reel seat, EVA foamed gripped casting rod made in the masses these days.

Companies will not ship them, and will not make them!! Yeah, Loomis makes a few or used too. But they're cork handled and way too stiff.

I also have (5) 8' of the same blank and design, without gimbles. For Inshore fishing. Built for Heavy Duty Float-rig fishing. Action is Parabolic meaning they bend nicely and have a soft moderate action. Loaded with Fugi guides and Fugi tripper reel seat with Trigger. Rubber butt cap for easy fishing inshore. 15-20 pound class rod, can handle 2 ounces perfectly. Same retro white blanks with blue and yellow wraps and underwraps. EVA foam grips. TWO of the rods have never seen WATER!!!!!  ONLY 2 LEFT

I also have (4) Ugly Stik "custom" Shark/Tarpon/Bottom fishing rods, LIKE BRAND NEW. Shakespeare "slick butts" with gimble, and S.S. No -Foul guides. 7 foot and rated 50-80 pound and can easily handle 8-10 ounces. Perfect Shark rods....(which was my intent, but didn't happen.)  Open for offers!

Now. This is special in many ways.

I have (4) ACCURATE TWIN DRAG REELS  Model # B-197. Lever-drag. They are the smallest that Accurate fishing products makes. But are the most bullet proof reels you'll ever hold in your hands. They are machined aluminum, big game reels that pack a super punch. 30 plus pounds of drag pressure on a screaming fish. Be it Shark, Redbass, Striper, Tarpon  **SOLD**SOLD**

Only thing is, "they have my name on them". Engraved on them. You'll remember me forever. Because these are heirloom style reels. If I had kids, I couldn't offer them for sale.  

You cant even see, the engraved name in the pics.
And at the same time.......the reels are physically smaller than a Garcia Ambassador 6500!

LET'S CHAT. 904-642-9546 (8am-8pm)

No Tax, No shipping just pick up with cash......Can do credit card with a added small "Percentage"

One of the heavy Tarpon Biscayne rods and B-197 Accurates in action in photo below. My largest ever Redbass at 53 pounds caught on a 12" Live Croaker at the south jetty, right after Tropical Storm Faye. Taken on an Accurate reel!

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