Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15 - Yesterdays rain

As a river Angler and Trout Tracker, this time of year I have a motto; "Wetter is always Better."
Yesterday's rain totals measured three inches in some places of Duval County. And that's a good thing.

Rain fall stats on 5/14/2012

We just need that type of rain to continue, as far as I'm concerned. Years ago, when we had early summer or late spring heavy rains and even major storms. The trout fishing was through the roof, along with all "inshore fishing". But when I went out with a buddy or even as a solo'ist. It was all about hunting down big GATORS, and I ain't talkin' ones with bumpy skin.

And as you can see, ZERO has changed.

Bare with me as I reminice a moment, and show you some pics and tell you the story behind them.

All these BIG Trout were caught around the same time frame, in the spring. It was a really wet time.

Yeah, you may have seen these photos before in my "slide show". And there's a reason for that!
This pic on "yesteryear 2006" was on one spot, never moved and anchored ONCE!!!!!!
OPPS...now how did this fine Anglerette, get in my photo album??

What rolls around in my head this time of year is a very seemingly wet spring, and April 30th, 2008

I ran to a spot, made 5 drifts of my float-rig, caught 5-Speckled Trout from 21-25 inches, turned around and headed home.  And all I could keep was one of these Trout, and it was the first one I caught, because I had no idea the fish would be coming that fast and that size ......WHY YOU ASK, COULD YOU JUST KEEP, ONLY ONE?

Because, Trout are 15-20", with one over 20" allowed in the bag of then five fish. Great laws we have huh? I hitch up the boat, buy shrimp and ice, make a long run, hit the tide perfectly, catch 5 big Trout in five drifts of my float-rig, and all I get out of it is ONE TROUT. It forces you to fish for small fish. The perfect tide was when I was there. I don't want to fish for smaller fish.

I'm a starving fishing guide. I believe we ought to be exempt from limits like that, if fishing alone, and holding a vessel fishing license, to prove we do charters. I EAT FISH. I FISH, TO EAT FISH!

Hate'em or love'em, just like Ted Nugent.....he shoots it all, and his family eats it. Nothing is wasted! Same here.

Well there ya have it.

So don't complain after washing the Truck if it rains 15 minutes later. Because, as you can see from ALL these spring time, and early summer photos. A "wet" year is a good year.

Then, you have the flip side.....

I'll act like 60 Minutes, or even FRONTLINE on PBS. I'll give you the other side of the story that I have to hear from people who DON'T fish for big Trout.

"...if it rains too much and too early in the summer season, the shrimp could get flushed out the river. Ya don't want big storms. Not if ya want a good shrimping season down river.....bla,bla,bla."

Make up your own mind, this summer.
Rain and lots of it, or dry with forest fires. And the whole state, a cloud of smoke?

Alot of it is about the salinaty in the river this time of year.
Less saltwater is better, from my findings.

With alot of saltwater intrusion in the St. Johns, especially during the spawning Trout periods.
More fresh water (rains and storms) seems to bottleneck the Trout closer to where I can get at them.

And that's what matters to me.

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