Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/30 - Trackin' ??

Tried down river today. Left out of Goodby's Creek, headed straight for the Buchman bridge. Had one shrimp stolen on a float-rig. Nothing else. Ran to the Fuller Warren bridge. Tried just bottom fishing live shrimp in a deep run, next to a shallow bar. Nothing.....

B-U-T, there's a ton of Pogies!

Right when you feel that ya have to make a move. Here came Beryl! Then, changed it all over again.
This time of year is really squirrely in that river, storm or no storms.

Back to Mayport on Thursday.


Has anyone caught ""larger"" Jacks?  Cause I sure haven't in about 2-3 years, now. They've just disappeared!
They used to be the "ass-kicker" fish during the summer time. I liked that. I have so many pics with happy customers holding Jacks that kicked their butts.

When they get big, they are a fish to be mighty proud of. Pound for Pound, a Redfish can't even compare. S. Florida has the Glory Species...PERMIT. And Jacksonville, ""Georgia."  Florida by zip code only.  when it comes to the word fishing. So where's the Jacks? G-O-N-E??  Another one bites the dust?

As I say, it is what it is.

"I" certainly can't change it. But, don't think I fell off the Georgia Peach Truck last night. I remember all. And have the reports and photos to prove it.


My good customer Don hiking over the side of the boat a fat Spring Jack along the Mayport Navy Base!
Now, that same area is closed to all U.S. Citizens. Because this really isn't "your" river.
A Jetty  summer "double-header". Keeper Redbass and a released Jack, which definately fought harder and longer.

Hmmm......Jack, I miss you.

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