Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/7 & 5/8 - Trout'n in the river.

Boy, the last two days have been fantastic. #1 because it's a MONDAY & TUESDAY!  #2 because no one is around, perfect weather, and #3 great crew(s) each day.

Yep, it's that time of year again. Start very early, fish hard as you can. Finish up around 12noon - 1pm. Because the sun's high and the heat is starting....And better yet. Fish on the start of the week, rather than weekends if you can.

Had Cory N. and his girlfriend and dad on Monday. Fantastic people, so fun to be with. And interesting folks too. Cory and his girlfriend work at the Jax Zoo. They work with Elephants and big Cats. Wow, now that's like doing charter fishing for a living. I bet  no day is ever exactly the same. Cory's dad was in town, and it was a good idea to do a adventure on the river.
I decided that with rising full moon tides. I'd play it safe and do what I do best. So we went float-rig fishing. No matter your skill in fishing. Everyone can catch, and have a good time. Float-rigging..."with my help & coaching" is an equal opportunity fishing system here in N.E. Florida.

Primarily, it targets Trout, "Speckled Sea Trout".

They caught a box full. Had a few small ones, a youngster Flounder and Sheepshead, a few Ladyfish and Jacks too.
The action was steady, and everyone was really enjoying the day. Positive people, with great attitudes. Look forward to having them aboard the JETTYWOLF again, some day.

5/8 - With Bruce and Sue

I had Bruce aboard the JETTYWOLF once before. During a full moon, wicked tidal day in October. His company was entertaining some other guys and four of them and I hit the river. And the big St. Johns was really showing it's ugly head that day. The CURRENT was ludicris!!!!!  I couldn't even hardly anchor up.

So, Bruce had booked today many many weeks ago. And what is this week?  The week of the full moon. BUT, there's a HUGE difference between now and and October. Tide's aren't as strong this time of year. So...Bruce and his wife Sue were all safe, with this date.

Same deal. I planned on showing Bruce and Sue the best way to get bit. So we went float-rig fishing for some fine Speckled Trout.  Now, Sue told me when Bruce went to visit the latrine at the boat ramp before we took off. That she wasn't all super thrilled with fishing. But, she goes anyhow. She's afraid of Alligators. And doesn't touch fish!

I told her she'd be just fine. And that many times the gals outfish the men. She said, "I'm familar with that."

Our first spot as like yesterday was a decent clip from the boat ramp. But, we had the absolute last trickle of falling tide upon arriving. I showed both of them what to do and how the "float-rig" works.

They fished and fished. Okay, this prime spot is a D-U-D. Which is hard to believe, because it's a top spot. And we just had a 5 pounder last week come from here. Oh well...I got plenty of spots!

Literally, just across the river is a spot that has been very good to me if we catch the tide just right. I anchored up and on the first drift of a float, can't remember if it was Bruce of Sue. But a big fattie Trout was easily landed. Then, another, and another. The bite was on! But the tide was slowing fast. Oh, how we needed to get on them and hard.

Not needing to not waste any time I took two fast pictures of the first few and got back to it.

As the tide slowed so did the bites. But Sue was now on her game like no tomarrow. She was "pitchin & flippin" like Bill Dance or Roland Martin. Seemingly, doing all she could to catch more or get bit more than Bruce...!


I decided to stay in this area and beat it up as hard as we could. So I spun the boat around and even tied off to a piling close by to hold our position.

And Sue caught a few more Trout even. Yes, she now has more than Bruce.

We went and hot a few more places as the tide flooded, but for some reason we got a few bites but couldn't get back on the Trout again.

I went to nothing but usually productive areas, and even a spot we caught fish yesterday.

That's when Sue sitting up on the bow says..."I see lightning bolts!"

The boat was facing stern west in the rising tide. Bruce and I looked and saw nothing but puffy clouds to the west. Come to find out, Sue was looking EAST!

Yep, there was huge coal black clouds to the S.E. So I picked up and headed back towards the boat ramp. We still had some fishing time left, but as we got closer and closer, so did the weather. Sue was fine not continuing to fish in the rain, lightning or winds associated with the "summer squal".  I could just tell from her demeaner.

So we called it a day. I cleaned a box of fish and bid yet another great crew farewell till next time. Bruce I knew was a great guy to fish with, but now I know that Sue has a streak of competive fishing in her, and that was fine by me!  She did great.

The clouds were coming and black with rain. the timing couldn't have been more perfect, because as I put the boat on the trailer it started to rain. And as I drove home, I got a "Free" boat wash-off.

Two weekday trips, that were really fun!



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