Saturday, May 26, 2012

TIME TO DEPART FROM THE SOUTH???? (Duval county that is...)

I hope we get the rain from the so called, "SUBTROPICAL STORM BERYL". As written in a past post (CLICK TO VIEW) We always need rain, and if you're a fisherman. Yeah, it's a good thing, as I discribed in that post link.

As of now, I'll be departing from a different location for "ALL" inshore/river fishing trips. ????
Trying really hard to figure this out, even after 30 years.

INSHORE WATERS-RIVER FISHING:  The Duval County “southern reaches” of the St. Johns River is where the shrimp are. And lots of other bait, too.  Hunting Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Black Drum, Croaker, Yellowmouth and many others in that area is different than in and around Mayport, which is best during the fall, winter and spring. Because the saltwater content of the river is much less. And that’s why the inshore species migrate there this time of year.  The river's B-I-G down there. But affords us an exciting and challenging day of sport fishing.

Fishing:  Docks, Points, channel edges, and the Buchman bridge (over 3 miles long) will be where we head.

I’ll be departing for these trips from:  Goodby's Creek  

Area of Town: Southside
Goodbys Creek Boat Ramp is located on the south side of  
Goodbys Lake and San Jose Boulevard.
Ramp amenities include picnic tables and rest rooms.
The ramp, which serves the busy Baymeadows area,
has three lanes and is ADA accessible.
And is adjacent to, HOOTERS!

The address for the boat ramp/park is:
9020 San Jose Blvd Jacksonville,   FL 32257 

Everything is LIGHT TACKLE fishing.

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