Friday, June 15, 2012

6/14 - More kids....

Did another 2 hour "Kids Trip", with Fen Tan and Family, visiting from outside Atlanta. (sorry didn't take any pics)
We needed to start early, so we departed at 8am. The fishing started off slow as the tide was so high, as the Nor'easter started to blow. As predicted for the morning.

The kids were GREAT. One litl' girl was so intent on catching a fish she stood with her hands on the rod as it sat in the rod holder while staring at the rod tip.

They caught Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, Spots, and Seabass. Then, we took a ride to the jetties, so they could see inlet and the big jetties......."and the rough sea conditions outside the rocks." 

The kids had a blast, and so did Fen and her cousin.

My "Two Hour Kids Trips" are perfect for the little ones who certainly can't last out there all day long. But, I remember taking a 5 year old out with three adults more than once in years past on a all day'er. Which was a bit tedious for the child, and the Captain. I will admit.

Any time we have small kids aboard, they need so much attention. That the charter really needs to be all about them. Not the adults. But some parents and grandparents, would probably disagree with me. Because I hear all the time that, "My litl' Jimmy is such the fisherman in the pond at grandpa's house. He can fish all day long over there....."

Yep, that's all well & good. Because I thought I was Bill Dance and Roland Martin all wrapped into one, when I was 7 years old too!!!

The difference is, this isn't a pond. This is on a boat. And there's no "Spongebob Rod & Reel", and the tackle belongs to me.

So, let's make it for the kids. Do one of my 2 hr. Kids Trips. And you can help me out, turning these kids on to fishing versus video games!

No matter what, that's the goal.

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