Saturday, August 18, 2012


I said, this weeks "TIDES" would be perfect for early morning Trout fishing. And they are.

I hope I don't get asked, "When is the fishing really good in Jacksonville?" After a day of winds, rain, or cold, in the future. Because I'll then send you the last 4 video's I made! 

My Newsletters were sent. Post after post, has been made here. Posts to my Facebook. Endless reports all over the web.

I don't know what else I could do.

Well, yeah I do....."I would have to 'shoe-horn 8 people' on my boat at $20 bucks a head, plus change the state fish limits, drag a trawl part of the day, and go 20 miles offshore because they think somehow it's better out there....." to make many of the calls I get, happy.

It's "Capt Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing", and I do light tackle inshore/near-coastal charters.

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