Friday, August 31, 2012

8/30- Three good fisherman

Had Ryan E. and his brothers aboard and we went and tried a bit of EVERYTHING!!!
From Croaker fishing, to cast jigs and soft plastics to Jacks, Ladies and Trout. It was a big day.

That Full Moon, I guess was in effect, so things were a bit off. As we also tried bottom fishing for big reds.

But talk about three "go at it" fisherman! These guys were relentless, and hard working. They never got tired, and never put their rods down.

We tried to catch a monster whopper Redbass. Fishing everything from cut Ladyfish, to live Croakers on the bottom and never had any love from any Big Reds. But the guys caught lots of small schoolie Trout, and 3 decent Flounder. Piles of Croakers, and we finished the day with Ladyfish, Jacks, and toss in a Bluefish or two. Just casting jigs. 

Here's a few pics.....

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