Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/20 - The Speckled Trout Blues..........

Had Tom O. back on the Jettywolf again. He brought his dad, this time. We departed at sun up...."I like that."
Problem was......."red sky in the morning, mariners take warning...and that meant W-I-N-D". And the forecast was dead on.

We hit the jetties with the float-rigs and a livewell brimming with frisky shrimp. It was the last of the falling tide. The guys caught some Yellowmouth, and Specks. IN BETWEEN THE HORDES OF SCOURGE FISH.

Small Blues!

They're back!!!!!!!  And I'll always HATE them. I've hated them for decades! Because they eat our hooks, our shrimp, and compete with the Trout that we really want.

But the guys pulled some Trout species between the hordes.

After feeding Bluefish one shrimp after another from right behind the boat. It was time to take our Trout and move on.
It was a move that was in another zip code, a spot that's been infiltrated by army's of ravenous Pinfish. But Tom;s dad slam-dunked into a big Redbass, but as it pulled and was too much to handle, he let Tom reel it in.

It was a long way to go, to feed Pinfish, and get one exact 27" Redbass. But worth the smiles.
So then we went back to the jetties. And things got really windy out of the south. But guess what was streaking through the Jetty rocks?

BONITA......aka: Little Tunny!  This one ate Tom's live shrimp, and streaked straight toward the stern of the boat. It went iunder the boat, under the motor, popped up way off the bow. Around the anchor line. Then over the anchor line. And finally to the net.

Then, a school popped up along side the boat. And come to realize, other boats were hooking them up on light tackle too.
In all my years fishing the jetties, we've never hooked up on Bonita. I've had days years ago, when we hooked up on Almaco Jacks, a AmberJacks smaller cousin.
Tom hooked another one, and it streaked off so fast that it bent the hook.
It was really starting to get windy. So we moved off and hit another spot for just one more Speckled trout. So after getting waked by ships and Pilot boats we headed in to clean up the fish.
It was an exciting day.
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