Sunday, January 27, 2013

1/26 & 27 - More Full Moon non-action

What do I preach?

3-4 days before the Moons, and 3-4 days afterwards!

Well, I don't pick the days. So Saturday we fished and caught only 10 Trout, and 6 keepers. But we were out there all day long. We tried bottom fishing for the Black Drum with shrimp, just like my video report (below on a previous report). But that never happened. It wasn't as windy, but it wasn't calm either. Another west wind day, and TOUGH tide.

Zim, Kevin and Tom were all good sports. But it was what it was. And it wasn't from a lack of trying on our part. To not have any Drum or bottom bites at all.


Sunday I did a 2 hr Kids trip with Amy & Ken from Ponte Vedra and the two kids. Again, hardly any fish catching at the high tide. As we tried drifting the south jam and anchoring just off the south jetty.
I had the kids just dropping shrimp to the bottom. But the excitment came when I lasso'ed a Spiny Puffer around the tail, and the kids never seen a fish like that before.

They were entertained by the Dolphins, Gannet birds, and Sea Turtles, and Jellyfish. Plus they goit to drive the boat in from the jetties, too. So it was a successful Kids Trip.

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