Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29 - another direction.....

Well, I sent back my DRIFT INNOVATIONS action/waterproof camcorder. The 4 times I had it out on the boat had the LCD screen getting condensation inside it every time. I guess it wasn't really waterproof after all. And I never even had it the water...yet!

So, I have spent hours on top of hours striving to find the next waterproof wide angle lens High defination action cam-corder for aboard the boat.

I've combed the world wide web for hours. Because these camera's are all a compromise. Just like boats. Everyone and their brother "touts" the GOPRO camera's. But they do have their short comings.
Like so many pieces and parts. Cost of all that. And Audio, is a mute factor without spending lots more money.

I thought I had found the camera for me with the DRIFT HD GHOST. But like many who buy a ski boat, and then end up trying to fish from it constantly. Soon find out that all is not "spot on".

So I ordered what will be the 3rd waterproof action camera, since Christmas. I hope like hell number 3 is the charm. The rest have all been sent back.

Pictured is the Sports-Vue 360. Has many of the same attributes as the DRIFT camera. Costs less, and has a "TRUE" action cam RF remote control.  NOT all action cam remote controls are equal. And not all action cam's are waterproof, either. Some maybe "splash proof", and some are all out scuba diving cameras. This one is in between.  It supposedly goes to 60 feet deep.

The remote (pictured) is what I've been really looking for. Push a button and the camera TURNS ON and goes straight to RECORD. Push the button, and the camera stops RECORDING and turns, completely OFF!

Wow, truly an action cam!  Set the hook, hit the remote. After fish capture, or high fives. Push the button and the whole thing shuts OFF. Saving battery power!

It has all the same things my DRIFT camera had...swiveling lens, HD, rubberized coating. But has better mounts, and COSTS less than the DRIFT, or GOPRO's.

All this in striving for better BLOG education. Making video of customer days. And doing tech-tips, with maybe some actual under water footage!

My motto has always been...."I'm not a part-timer looking to make my boat payment each month. I want to offer more, and do more. This isn't just a J-O-B. But rather a life style I want to share with you the customer."

You already get reports of your day, photos of your day. And yes, I have made many video's of customers charter days before.

NOW....if I can only get people who inquire about charters, book a day, we go, but they NEVER EVER come here to do their "due deligence" before or after the fishing day.  I don't understand that. But, it's always out there (these reports) for all who wants to come see them.

So, crossed fingers!  I hope this will be the last boat camcorder I'll buy for awhile. But, if it works out I'd like to run 2 of them, and get different angles. Fish in the water, and people in the boat. So I may actually get another one of these camera's if they work out.

Just hope the manufacture/dealer realizes how much I'm wishing this search for the perfect boat video camcorder to work out.

We'll see.

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