Saturday, February 9, 2013

2/9 - New STUFF

 Sports-Vue 360HD, times (2) one on the landing net, and one on the console!!  Cool, huh?

Water-proof to 60'. 170 degree swiveling lens. Awesome remote control. ON/Record - Stop recording/Off means EZ usage via the remote worn around the wrist.

Rubberized, with viewing screen.


CamOne Infinity, for really dunking in the water!

Super small and light weight, with viewing screen on the back. Perfect for sticking into the water to capture fish coming to the boat, with this next item....

The iPole Stealth. I got the "standard model" that reaches out to 53" for FREE to test out.

But will be a great tool to mount the CamOne Infinity too.

If, it works good which I'm sure it will. I'll probably add the mini one, so I can carry it around with me on trips.

Wondering if I'll actually have time to fish, with all this going on aboard the Jettywolf?  Well, that's where YOU come in!

Photos are great. B-U-T, Video is so much better!

(A blog voice postingNew, yes. So turn on your sound. And hit the arrow button and listen in.) 

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