Thursday, March 7, 2013

3/7 - Chilly...But very worth it.

Had returning Keith K. aboard today with Joe and Don. Departing at 0730 hrs it was "still" a bone chilling ride in the river. My hands were so cold, I was trying my best to steer the boat and run the throttle through the pockets in my fishing jacket!

Yeah, I had gloves somewhere. But hell, fishing guides don't wear gloves. That's something those "office people" do on cold morning while driving to work with their Starbucks mocha Java in the other hand.

First spot, was a trial...and we boxed one or two out of maybe 3-4 Trout. And some scourge Bluefish.
But it was action! And I liked that on this burning cold morning in S.E. Georgia. Opps, I mean Florida.

Not studs. But targeted species. I was happy.

Next it was time to try out a 2- float spot, with three guys fishing. OH NO!

Yeah, not optimal. But if we caught just one "sweetheart" it would be worth it.

We didn't have the best current on the next spot, but as we sat there it worked out as Keith put his float right where I said there would be a big Trout.

When the float got there. D-O-W-N, it went and he was hooked up to a nice one.

At 22-1/2 inches. It was just the fish we came here for. One or maybe two is all I was asking for, so as we lost the current it was time to move on.

Frustrating, but the slack tide seemed to last for hours too long today.

So we slide into the Little Jetties and I went rogue. The Jettywolf went, outlaw. Because I was tied off short to the sign for a few minutes. And as we all know. It'll get ya 5 years in prison and a $28,000 fine via the Coasties.

At least that's what they shouted at me one time. But I told them, "ya never consulted me before you put this sign here. I've been anchoring here for 30 years!"

I'm such an hooligan, I know.

B-U-T, all I wanted off the spot was one fish. And we got it.....

A "float-rig" caught, Sheepshead.

I'm satisfied. Time to move on. All current just quit.

I went into the ICW, and again. I went rogue! I tied off to the Wonderwood bridge! The tide was barely flooding. And like a magnet to aluminum. Here comes the Coasties from the south. OF COURSE, they went under the bridge, swung around and yelled at me because I was tied off to the bridge.

AGAIN, I'm a damn OUTLAW. Either that or, a threat to national security. It's always one or the other.
The last time a cop on the streets of Jacksonville stopped me in my truck to tell me I did something wrong was 22 years ago. The last time I was told I was doing wrong on the river is almost every time I'm out trying to make a living in the city on it's waterways.

So as we moved and the tide started to roll. I went to a better spot anyhow. And then another guy, a "sheepherder", pulled in and tied off to the same spot I was at. ANOTHER OUTLAW!

Hell, doesn't the feds know these waters are full of them????  L.O.L

It wasn't the fastest action. Be we were back into trout. Lots of 14 inchers, a few 13 inchers. But we pulled some decent box fish to 17 inches out of the water.

Even Don caught some. Even though his wife told him he didn't know how to fish. (so he said)

The sun was high...bright and the sky was blue. And I was still in two jacket, hood land.

A few more for the box. And it was time to head in. We were about out of bait, and the bite seemed over.

Here's the intrepid Trout chasers holding a few before they were taken out of their suits via my Havalon surgically sharp fillet blade.  The Pelicans were really a menace today. I guess the cold had them dying of hunger.

After yesterday's winds gusting to damn near 40 MPH. I wouldn't say the fishing was easy today. But a tad better than I thought it would be after winds like that less than 24 hrs before.

April is the BIG BANG month, I guess. I have a huge amount of dates pre-booked for April. And a good handful pre-booked for May already.

But don't discount March. Just look ahead, watch the weather, and the winds, and lets go. Less people around before all hell breaks loose! Especially on weekdays like today.

I jus' hope ya'll don't mind fishing with a rogue fishing outlaw. Apparently, they don't have a clue. That if you build it, I WILL TIE OFF TO IT.

They just have to catch me.
95% of the time, they don't.

Any one sell cloaking devices? How about a Hologram projector?

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