Monday, April 29, 2013

4/28 - part deux: Spring T'routz in 20 kts!

Had a early morning "2 hour kids trip", with the Wong family with special guest Grandpa visiting from California. And had a hard time even giving a fresh shrimp away for the kids bottom fishing in the wicked pissah of a "fool" moon flooding tide at the jetties.

They caught a few small Whiting, and tiny Yellermouths, and that was it!

Afterwards, my afternoon ended up being open. So I gambled and went on a "speckley bastard" hunt.
Whoa the dinks were ferocious. Fourteen inchers galore. I did manage my measly limit of 6, but lost a  BIG Trout on the first spot, in the first 5 minutes of fishing. I did scrape a limit together of 15-17 inchers. Had a bout with the spring/summer scourge fish species, Jacks, Ladyfish and Blues.

And then the ride back to the dock on the last of the falling tide buckin' a due East 20 Knot Wind.
That's the reason YOU will not be fishing in a flat bottom or a small skiff. I just hammered through it at 4800 RPM's. Not great fun, with no load and hardly any fuel weight. But I made it in one piece.

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