Sunday, April 21, 2013

My WICKEDLY sharp hooks that are lean

Sharp hooks are absolutely essential. But, they can come at a high price, too!
Well, as I tell many people. I am a professional tackle shopper. I always look for the best value.

The hooks I use spark a lot of attention, on my boat by my charter customers. From my float-rig hooks to my bottom fishing hooks. I use ONE brand, and I use only ONE style of hook.

Because these hook are not expensive, they are not at ever tackle shop, and many times people are spending way too much for their hooks. I give you this info.

I refer to it as staying, LEAN. Less tackle, less consumption, a good product that can do it all. I have confidence in, and have proved their worth. All at a great price!

Thinking lean, can , also be "mean"....especially when it comes to the Matzuo Sickle Bend "turned in eye" hooks. That I have been using for years. Mean, as in you have confidence, and more cashola in your pocket afterwards. Because, you won't have to even think about what hook to use. You'll have plenty and know they work.

So...what hook am I talking about?

Here it is, being tested.  BIG TIME!

- watch this video! These hooks can catch monster fish.

MATZUO...many have never heard of them. 


The super benefit of these style hooks with the "turned in eye", is these are made to be SNELLED.
Snelling is the STRONGEST connection you can make. If you do not know how to snell a hook easily.
PRACTICE, and watch this Video:

Much of what I'm talking about here has been already covered. "Were YOU paying attention?"

The only place I find a very good selection of these hooks is here on Cabelas.

I just ordered more hooks for this summer. And I found these non-sickle bends on sale. I like the "sickle bends", but heck for float-rig fishing these will also work great:

Non-sickle, but same hook on SALE - "LINK"

You asked (if you fished with me over the last few years) so here it is. All laid out for you.
A great reason to be a Capt Dave's Blog reader!

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