Thursday, June 6, 2013

6/6 - The talking heads, crack me the hell up!

What was that in the first week of May?

5 days straight of rain and high winds. What the hell did they call that??

-Black Creek 15 feet over normal 
-San Marco Flooded
-40 MPH Mayport winds
-5 days of solid rain

But now, Tropical storm Andrea, ewwwww...and they're going nuts on the local yokal TV news stations.  They remind me of the Coasties for some reason?

It's not even raining at my house. Right now (1730 hrs).  The Jacksonville Offshore Sport Fishing Club even cancelled the 54th Club birthday party/meeting.

Rescheduled today's charter..." I rain-checked it" Hahahahaha  Because it was raining harder this morning than it is now, and the "STORM" is way closer!!!

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Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Hmmmm, the WORLD didn't end. That's farkin' amazing!
A few tree's went down, a very few local spots got hit with small twisters. But the rain at my house and any wind was done by afternoon.