Monday, July 29, 2013

7/28 - Need I say more?

Had Walker and his wife Sarah aboard the Jettywolf on Sunday. As it turned out. Sarah had no fishing experience at all. She didn't know how to cast a spinning reel, didn't know how to hold the rod.....Nothing!

But, she was a quick study. And what happened?

Yep, you guessed it.
Sarah out-fished her Husband!!!!!~

We ended up with a big box of Trout, and one Flounder. Trout to 24".
Of course, I helped out. But not wanting to catch. But just showing what and how to fish each spot.
Be it using a Matrix Shad, a Kick-A-Mullet, or a float-rig and live shrimp.

I told Walker, what might happen. He said, "I'm Okay with that. Happy Wife-Happy Life." seeing they were Newlyweds and all.

And I was right, when I told him the day before that his wife may out fish him.

It was a fun day. Sarah also caught Jacks, hooked a few Ladyfish and caught one Bluefish and a Flounder.

What a day!

Get your gal out there.
Visit: for info.

Look at these crazy shrimp I had. They had blaze orange horns. Ready for Mardi Gras!!


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