Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If you notice. When I go "solo". I wait to go on the perfect tide (and hopefully weather too). Plus, I depart EARLY!!!!!!!

Here's a heads-up for anyone interested in my $350 for 2, Early Morning Top water Trout Trips. 

Next week, I'll be departing the boat ramp in the dark (prior to 0630 hrs) making a fast but safe run to my area. And working top-water plugs and Matrix Shads for deep summer sweet-heart sized Speckled Trout.

I'd love to do Saturday, but there could be alot going on at the ramp and river seeing the circus is in town (GJKT)

But with high tides at 8:00-9:00'ish, Sunday and Monday. (even though Monday's the full-moon) I'll still give it a go.

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