Friday, September 27, 2013

9/26 - IT'S FALL....can ya tell?

Oh it's so much cooler.

And why are YOU missing it???

I do reports, video's, emails, offer the best I can.
What else would you want?

If you're reading this and have never been aboard the Jettywolf...tell me what I'm not doing for YOU.

Yes, I am still in hot pursuit for a truely monster Shark. I'm talking 200-400 pounds, would qualify. So when I have a chance I'm going out and seeing if I can find one. So, if I have to go "solo" it'll just make the catch & release, all that much sweeter for me. I'll have proof, because I'm getting better and better at being a "one man" production crew. So, you'll see it here when it happens.

Today, was kind of a fail. Not my fault, I tried. But the wind and seas had me turning back after a short try about 2 miles offshore. It went from slick calm to 4 footers folding into white water within an hour.

Had nothing but dead shrimp (used to catch Shark bait) and only a few small bait sized Croakers up in the river to salvage my day. Catching a few huge Whiting for dinner, and what you'll see here in the video, on serious light tackle.

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