Sunday, September 29, 2013

9/29 - Wind Honked.....

Morning was bad.....but it got a little better. Especially, since we didn't go eastward at all.

Hmmm, what to do during the transition time, but not in the super fall season just yet with 4 guys, and two were real newbies.


The Croakers are endless. And I mean, "If you have kids and want to do a 2 hr kids trip, and want them to get some tugs on their line....GO NOW!!!!!!!"

I tell these parents. The Middle of July isn't the prime to for much inshore. C'mon back in Sept/Oct. and bring your kids. But Noooooo, the litl' shavers aren't allowed for some reason to take a Saturday in the fall to do any fishing. That's only for when its 100 degrees by 8am. And the kids are complaining it's so Hot.

We caught Croaks and used them for big Redbass baits. Had a bite that scaled a live Croak and that was it. It was a Redbass, that didn't really eat the Croak.

As the guys were wearing out on the Croakers, which soon became kinda boring doing the same ole thing. Over and over....but what am I supposed to do in a 20 kt NE wind?

Next spot or two same thing, and then as I cast out a nice little croaker for live bait on one of the big rods using 8 ounces to hold bottom. As soon as it hit the bottom...Fish on.

One of the guys took the rod (not a light tackle kinda rod but rather a 100 lb Shark type rod) And reeled up a nice Redbass.

I needed "less individuals", about 15 kts less wind, a chance to catch alot of finger mullet, and the day would have been better using light tackle for Trout-Flounder & Redbass.

But, seeing the way it was. I had neither.

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