Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/16-17 - It's all about getting EAST, for me.

Did a three boat 11 person charter group yesterday. My 4 guys got hooked on the Croaker bite we started out with and that was only because the crazy Full moon tide had the falling tide smoking.
So we kinda hid out. But the two other boats caught a total of 5 Reds.

So, today I had two guys, brothers. And they were fun. And easy going for sure. Plus, the wind was damn near zero (light and variable) the two words any fisherman loves to hear about the forecast.

So I headed DUE EAST......ahhhhh, the jetty rocks. My boats namesake. After days of wind and big seas. It was good to be back.

Looking for giants in the way of 100# plus Blacktips. We caught loads of Croakers which are carpeting the bottom out there. Dead shrimp=Instant Croaker!

After filling the livewell. We drifted live Croaks over the end of the rocks. At first they were harassed by Jacks.  No big Shark bites.

But then again, it was one whacko Full moon tide out there. We didn't even depart till 10:30am, because I had a eye doctor appointment I couldn't miss. (So cut me some slack if you see typos here)
My left eye is blurry for some reason all of a sudden.

But to make a long story short. I let the pics tell the story.

It was a great day!

Small Blacktip smoked a live Croak on the surface

Big Red hook-up on the light tackle

Gotta love the "fairy wand" bend of the Ugly Stiks!

BIG 25 pound Redbass that ate a Croaker intended for a Blacktip shark, that was free-lined behind the
boat with NO weight. I guess this Redbass came off the bottom, for a snack?

LIGHT TACKLE, 3 ounce sinker......NOT a 20 ounce, which would be needed in the river's current.

Total 4 Redbass from 22-25 pounds, a small Blacktip, loads of Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, Whiting and Big Seabass.

More days to come....

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