Saturday, October 19, 2013

10/19 - Her Birthday went well....

Yep, ya mean your boat doesn't get a birthday present each year?

What are you, just a owner?  Not a friend?

You only get back, what you give when in a life long relationship.

And when you own a Life Long boat. that's exactly what it is.

So the Jettywolf gets a bit of a make over after 7 years. There was a learning curve. Don't know why I'm passing this on to you. You probably have a glass boat, with St. Johns River camo on the bottom, and think it looks good...hahahahahahahaha.

But either way. I'll share. Because it's the kinda guy I am. And of course, I shared with my brothern over on aluminumalloyboats forum.  Where like minds hang out.

So here ya go:

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