Thursday, October 24, 2013

10/23 - BE PREPARED from now on!

The Jettywolf can fish some pretty nasty places. (ie: slop-chop & roll) And many times where it's slick calm, is not where the fish are.

I don't purposely anchor in rough spots. But I do prefer to fish the inlet 99% of the time, this time of year. There is those days when it's not so called "rough". BUT, yes the boat will be going up and down.

You are responsible for your comfort. I'm responsible for finding bites.

It's now almost WINTER. With that comes coolness, non-calm-waters. Wetness, winds etc.

Come prepared!

If you are prone to any Sea-sickness. Take sea-sickness pills. And follow the directions on the box!
Which is taking them 12-24 hrs before getting on the boat, and one a few hours before getting on the boat in the morning.

This will save your day! 

Walgreens, Walmart, and many other in and out fast places will carry Bonine brand and many others.
Even if you have never been sea sick before. And are not used to a moving boat. It's highly recommended that you do something!


From here on out. Flip-flops are not the recommended shoe. Rain "wet gear" Jackets, comfortable shoes such as Sneakers are. On Cold morning there nothing like a HOOD. I call a hooded sweatshirt a fisherman's friend. Hats, can be forgotten. But a hood on a comfy sweatshirt is a life saver.


-What ever to eat and drink in a PLASTIC BAG (no coolers please) Can's or Plastic. No Glass!
-Pre-made food items only. Don't try and prepare anything on the boat.
-Hooded Jacket
-Rain jacket, for any wetness.
-No "Gilligans Island" backpaks, duffle bags needed, or luggage. No place to store all that!
-Comfortable shoes.
-It's your decision if "shorts" are the clothing of the day.
-Watch what you eat/drink the day before your trip. Heavy Alcohol consumption is NOT recommended.

Even I, as your Guide/Captain, "chief bottle washer and anchor puller", follow this list. I want to be Tip-Top every day I'm out there.

From here on out till next April. Conditions on the water will change rapidly. But at the same time, the fall-winter season is too nice to not come prepared.

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