Monday, October 28, 2013

10/27 - BIG B-I-T-E-S...C'mon and get you some.

Had a late call Saturday as I took a break, and laid around just editing my last video of the Kentucky boys, out at the jetties. (see video below this post)

It was three guys here in Jax. at a training deal. They were from South Florida, East and West coasts.

WELCOME to bazzaro world Florida, fella's!

Needing a release. They said, they wanted some action, big Reds, and a all day trip.
I easily obliged.

Early Sunday, we departed.....once I got out of the baitshop parking lot in which I got blocked into. And ended up being "late".  Yeah, usually I'm in the water and waiting on YOU. It was the other way around this morning. That'll not happen again.

I tried, not being an hour early. Didn't want to stand around in the chilly morning air at the boat ramp.
So I left a half hour later than usual from the house. By the time I got to the bait shop to just get ice. It was a weekend zoo.

Lesson learned.

Either way. It turned out to be a great day. Lots of BIG Redbass. One "keeper", which is the first keeper sized redfish I've had someone catch in a long, long time.

At least, 4-5 throwbacks. And it all started with a 25 pounder. (and all the over-size Redfish were caught by the least experienced guy on the boat. Ruben, was the Rookie. But had the best hand all day long.

Jeff, had his ass handed to him when I decided to take a live Croaker and pin it to a 14/0 circle hook and let it swim behind the boat. He used my Shimano Tranx 500 PG reel on a heavier Ugly Stik, to do close quarter battle with a Blacktip Shark, that went 75-90 pounds.

ONLY AFTER, Steve hooked up a giant "spinner" Shark while catching large Seabass. On my lightest Ugly Stik!!!  And had it on a 1/0 Matzuo sickle bend hook we used for the Reds, Croakers, Seabass, Whiting, and Yellowmouth Trout.  He got 4 complete "SPINS" out of the monster. Airborne, splashing, and twisting like a Olympic athlete, before parting the 50 pound super braid line. WHAT A SHOW!

As I said, the guys must have caught a hundred Croakers, and Seabass. No matter if we used "cutbait"
versus using shrimp to try and stay away from them.  They were ravenous. But provided endless action all day long. Between, big fish hook-ups...many were lost. Which is part of the game. Especially, if you have never fished at our Jetties before.

You will loose some huge fish. It's just that way. And we lost as many as were hooked and brought to boatside. Bent hook tips, broke leaders, straightened hooks....

The Mayport Jetties right now can be one hell of a challenge.

This ain't anything like that Lake, Pond or River, back home. That's for sure.

Here's some GoPro Hero 2 photos of the day. I normally don't use the GoPro to take photos. Just video's. But, from now on. I'm going too.



Moose said...

wheres the video?

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

As said in video today with these guys. I wanted to try out the camera taking photos today. Video on other report from Saturday's trip. You'll have to go to that report to see it. "OR" click home at the bottom of this page to take you back to the home page of the blog.

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Are we going Friday?? Or are you waiting for the weather report on Thursday to make the final decision?? I'm sure, someone will want to go. Friday maybe a big day around here. Friday's are like Saturday's in the fishing biz.