Friday, November 8, 2013

11/7 - Red after Red.....

After nearly a week of heavy winds (up to 40 mph) and some rain. I really was skeptical about what to do today. But, as usual. My jetties, didn't let us down.

Started on the Northside, and caught some Croakers for bait. But the current wouldn't run over there.
We had a light NNW breeze, and of course residual swell. But we needed some good water movement.

My crew was fighting to stand up straight, and some "elevator" sickness. The good ole Up & Down stuff. Which basically put Dad (Chris) outa commision. He took some Bonine pills, but only after getting on the boat. Which had NO time to get into his system.

By the time I made a move over to the South jetty. He was D-O-N-E.

So the boys put a waylayin' on the over sized Redbass, on light tackle. Doing a few double headers. With fish up to 33" and 12 pounds. They were suckin' up cut Croaker like it was their last meal...and it would have if any were under 27 inches!!!!!

Prior to this weeks weather, the last time I was out there was on Sunday in the 20-25 knot NE winds, (the last video posted) and the water temps hovered between 72-74.

Today, "OH HOW THE WATER TEMP FELT COOLER!" at 68 degrees on my sounder.

Any day now those over sized Bull Redfish are gonna pack it in and start filtering offshore, if they aren't out there yet. The lastest I have caught 30-40 pounders "in the river" has been Nov. 11-14th. And that was years ago.

Maybe today's 28-33 inchers is "here's yer sign", that these are the size fish that usually stick with us at the jetties through out the winter. Yes, I have had customers catch 40 pounders in December. But they are a bit rarer.

The bite was on as soon as we pitched baits behind the boat today. So that means, it was going on probably before we arrived. If I had went there right off the bat, we could have caught twice as many.
I had some jumbo dead mullet, but the Croak's are the key. When I used the Mullet the little fish picked at it bad. But not the Croaker halves.

When the bite shut off it shut off hard and fast. Chris (dad) was really looking bad. So we picked up on the last few minutes of the rising tide and ran up river.

And can ya believe what was up there? Sharks!!

All the way up near ole Pirates Cove.
Yep. Welcome to bazzaro world.

Enjoy the video...


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