Saturday, November 9, 2013

11/9 - Whoa it was windy again....

Had Steve & Karen booked for Friday...which was totally heinous and 20-25 kts out of the N.E.
So, we decided a better day would be Saturday, right?

Sat. Forecast: 10-15 ENE. "Supposedly"

Well, I told them as they got aboard the Jettywolf, "I'm cutting ya'll a break today. You won't get seasick, wet or even need sea-legs. We're going shallow fishing." 

But, then again we won't be bustin' any big Redbass, either I'm sure. I said in my head.

Maybe we'll actually catch smaller Reds, and hopefully TROUT!

So we made our way up river and into Mill Cove. Mill Cove ya say?? In a 26' deep V boat??
Yeah, but a Aluminum 26' boat. Big Diff.

We blasted into the cove and started float-rig fishing. I knew we'd be early, and I was right. There was barely a hint of current. No current = No fish in bazzaro world.

But, we did catch a small trout and a small Flounder.

As the current came.....or was it the blasting winds? I think it was the current, I moved into my shallow water spots where I've taken shelter on deep winter days (WHICH IT CERTAINLY ISN'T, YET) when the winds howling a gale, it's 35 degrees and the moon is full.

And it's always been a savior. But we picked up nothing but another micro Trout.

I was really confused, because as the tide came there was also loads of bait all around. Small minnows, mullet jumping, birds diving.

But no fish in the shallows at all.  (ie: 3' of water along shell bars)

So, I did what George Costanza on Seinfeld did, "if what your doing is wrong, then the opposite must be right?"  Sop we fished 10 feet of water. Another micro Trout. That's it.

Okay, the wind had the boat whipping around. the anchor wouldn't hold in all that M-U-D bottom. Time for a drastic change.

I went for it. We went to the power lines!  There's not only the concrete pilings in the water. There's lots of shell pads or bars to grab onto with the anchor under the power lines.

I scored first. A 16 incher. Finally a keeper Trout.

Then, Karen got one. Then Steve got one. 

As the anchor drug once again. And I just let it go. and we settled into a spot that was out away from all hard structure. 5-6 feet of water.....and we saw lots of small mullet action on the surface.

Floats went down, down and down again. Over and over all three of us pulled trout to the boat from out in the middle of no where'ville!

But we had 20 knots of wind, current going sideways to the wind direction, and were fishing on zero structure.

The Costanza rule......AGAIN??

We must have caught thirty, 14 to 14-7/8th's inch Trout!

Then, as the tide just started to seem to fall. The bite was over. But it was also 3:30pm too.

So we packed it in and headed back, so I could clean our whopping THREE legal Trout.

But Steve and Karen had fun. We did a lot of story telling out there, that's for sure. So time passed fast.

So. I can find some Trout afterall. I almost thought I lost my touch.

Now I just need to find big Trout..."and my prediction is it won't be till Thanksgiving at least till I find them in any numbers at the jetties.

And what kills me is they should have already been there and been thick by now.

Hell it's NOVEMBER. Which used to be my favorite month of the year. 

No Video or Photos today.

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