Friday, December 13, 2013

12/13 - Windy, Cold & the Flipflop kids!

Did a 1/2 day today with two adults and two great kids. Dad and the two kids were visiting from Michigan. So today's windy and chilly weather was no big deal.

The fishing wasn't all that bang-up. But the kids and us adults caught some Whiting, Puffers, small Sand Trout, and Seabass while just bottom fishing with some jumbo "primo" dead shrimp on the bottom on a falling tide.  (I felt as if we should have had a bit more action. But the kids were happy and loved the pufferfish)

But the point is....I had to document these kids. Six & eight years old and were super troopers. Yes, rambunctious, but they never ever said BOO, about the wind or the temp.

They along with Dad, all had one their "flip-flops"....because dammit, they were in Florida!!

Had hoods on their jackets and hardly wore them.

All the while, Captain Dave looked like this all day.
Double Jacket, sweatshirt underneath, hat on, hood UP.

My "usual" winter look, to include slicker pants over shorts and my Alaskan Sneakers on aka: "Xtratuff's".

NO, I certainly didn't mind either. Because I know how to dress for it. And before ya know it. The heat will be on, and yet another summer will be upon us. Again, I don't mind, thats for sure.

I'd rather be in my office in the wind, in the chill, then sitting home bored to tears any day.

But, I just wanted to show off two litl' crew members that were tougher than many adults I've had out on windy chilly days.

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