Monday, January 27, 2014


For ya'll that called me and asked about Sunday...SUZIE GOT IT. And ya'll missed out on a good day with good weather. Although cold, when up and running. There was hardly a breeze. Which was great!

Suzie & Colin left out with such a big "Bag 'O Fish fry", they probably have to invite people over to help eat it all.

-pup Black Drum (3)
-pup Redbass (4)
-Yellermouth Trout ( 20)
-Whiting (2)
-Seabass 20)
-Dogfish (4)
-Speckled Trout to 21"  (7)

-were caught today, before we ran out of shrimp!!

Here's the high-lights:

Charter info:   " a Monday-Thursday w/ 2 persons"

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