Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/29-1/30 - "Jax Idiot fest"

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!

they're closing schools, delaying school openings, the local yokal News has nothing better to talk about.

the world is ending!

It's gonna be cold, and wet. It's an all out ICE ALERT.

Please...spare me. If I only could afford cable TV, I wouldn't have to watch these idiots.

Last cold spell, about 10-14 days ago, there was I-C-E covering the slow moving canals in Slidell, Louisiana. (aka: Paradise)  And the boys from Dockside Bait & Tackle put the boat in smashing the ice at the boat ramp, went and caught "LIMITS" (5 from 16-27") REDFISH, in a matter of just minutes in a dead end deep canal. (If only we could do that)

But, for you with cable TV and a real J-O-B. 
I ain't feeling for ya.....hahahahahahaha


A Reel alert:

Next week: High in 70's and super T-R-O-U-T tides!


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