Friday, February 21, 2014

2/21 - Make wind-on leaders:

Ya' know sometimes the simplest instruction is the best instructions.

If you are into this and have some knowledge already. This video shows a the steps needed to make a wind-on leader. Which is used to attach Braid to braid, or Mono to braid.

Thought I'd pass it along. I'm going to do some experimenting myself with this. So a "Dave trying it out video" could be forth coming.


-was heading out with a regular/loyal customer today. Had plans on trying some TROUT redemption.
But as the morning progressed. (5am-7:30am) I noticed something I didn't like.


7:30 am EST
1230 GMT 02/21/2014
Wind: SSW (200°), 11.1 kt
Gust: 17.1 kt

Air Temp: 69.4 °F
Water Temp: 59.9 °F

Did you know, if you are a MAYPORT fisherman. That you too can get up-to-date hourly "conditions" reports right here at Capt Dave's Reports Blog????

Yep. I supply YOU with the weather right at the "Mayport Boat ramp/heading to the jetties!"

As I always say, "sometimes people can't see the forest from the tree's". 
On the RIGHT side-bar of this blog is a widget that shows the "present conditions" from station MYPF1. Adjacent to the Mayport boat ramp, atop the dock at the Mayport Bar Pilot Assoc. dock.

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