Sunday, March 30, 2014


Yesterday - RAIN all morning!

Today - Blowin' a Gale, small craft advisory, lake wind advisory!

So...out of being booked pretty much all week "in the beginning". I got out, two charters.

YES, I am looking forward to summer. My Sharkin' tackle has been tweaked to the extreme. I'm so ready.

I seriously doubt I'll be chasing / tracking / hunting down like a fugitive, those up river Trout this summer, as much. Been there done that.  If I have to sit in the "Chum Hole"  (aka: off to the NE of the North Jetty) and chum with Pogies (Menhaden) all day. I'm doing it!

Or, simply do this for some azz-handers, come the heat:

Yeah, I'm heads full of plans. Now, I want ya'll to plan your day and come see me.
No where else do you get the info that you do here.

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Let's go git some of them azz-handers!

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