Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/12 - AVOIDING the crowds....

It's that time of year when people pull the boats out of the back yards, get rid of the mouse traps and Moth balls and hit the river with a vengeance.

I don't seem any of these boats in February, when I'm at the jetties, or up in the river.

It's the "fair weather crowds". Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect weather. And after yesterday "Friday", at the jetties with not much going on at all. With the east breeze, and falling tide "ground swells" rolling in. I could just read the writing on the wall.....Saturday's gonna be a ZOO!.

So today I had Lee and his 12 year old son Forest aboard the Jettywolf. And we beat feet "up" river.
As in towards down town.

First spot. Popping Corks and live shrimp up in shallow water. B-A-M.....2- Redbass. Small pups, but what I call, "I.G." - instantaneous gratification.

We either caught two to four fish per spot, or nothing. As I rushed to keep us on some high tide spots, after catching a few fish only on each spot.

The end of day tally:
 2-3 Yellowmouth Trout
2- Speckled Trout 14-15 inches
5- Redbass, 16-30 inches
1- Bluefish

We finished up the day bottom fishing. But all morning it was actually clip-on rattling corks, a small split-shot and a live shrimp.  Not really "float-rig fishing". But close and only in 6' of water or less.

Lee and Forest had a double header on Redbass on one spot: "Big Red-smaller Red"

Nice morning and day. Avoided the Jetty crowds, and glad I did.
Just Fun up in the river.


Mitch Taylor said...

Nice job for a tough day. The river has changed, from what I remember it being years ago.

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Oh yeah...City's out for ruination and there's too many people on weekends.
Aka: "fair weather's"