Wednesday, April 16, 2014


04169:36 am  NE26.0          GUSTING TO:        28.9

04169:30 am  NE22.027.0

04169:24 am  NE22.028.0

04169:18 am  NE25.128.0

04169:12 am  NE24.128.9

04169:06 am  NE25.128.0

04169:00 am  NE20.024.1

04168:54 am  N 11.1  RIGHT HERE IT ALL CHANGED   15.9

04168:48 am  N9.913.0

04168:42 am  N9.913.0

WOW, I watched it. I mean I watched what time that the wind started by walking around my back yard.
WHY??  Because I have had to re-schedule the rest of my week!

Here's "the souths" whole problem:

Had 2 dads and 2 - 5 year olds scheduled for today that's why!

Then, I had to move Thursday, and then Friday is a blow out for a 1st time 11 year old girl and her dad.

Yep, the KIDS are starting already.  But, I can tell ya.  I'm looking for ADULTS and ones that want to go SHARKIN'!!

Sportsman, I guess.

Already received a comment about Sharkin'. Well, don't poo-poo it. No, I'm sure like 99% of all we do here in NE Florida, it's not what you think.

Besides fishing around bait pods on the beach. There's chasing the shrimp boats, aka: RUN & GUN fishing is what I call it.

Then, there's ass handing at the jetties/inlet too. Free-line live baits behind the boat while on anchor, or drifting.

Do I have remind you all via a Video? ya go!

(these were the small sharks, I'm going balls to the wall on monsters this year!)

Did anyone see the "Blood Moon" last night?  Not me, I was fast asleep at 8:30pm in my Lazy boy.
Never went and looked.

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