Sunday, April 27, 2014

4/26 - Let's talk staying put.

Anchoring around here in a larger boat is a topic all it's own. From deep swift current to granite boulders, and shallow sand and mud. 12 months a year, the challenges can be tough finding how to "stay put". Sure today there's all kinds of "lazy-man" anchors.

From a $2,000 Powerpole, only good in the shallows, to running a 36V 101 pound thrust trolling motor that's GPS compatible. Which entails, carrying (3)- 75 pound batteries, (equivalent of another person on the boat) a wiring nightmare, and having a huge $$ problem, when it all fails....!!

All that costs huge money. And around here, just doesn't make sense for me.

I roll ole school, so it seems. I anchor up. And it suits me just fine. But first you have to find what anchor system works for you, according to your needs.

Here's a short, all about "how the Jettywolf anchors up, "ole school".

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