Wednesday, April 30, 2014

4/30 - Jetty Trip for two

Had Jon & Karen aboard today from Tenn. Visiting our fair city......hahahaha.

S.E. breeze was bit of a Voo-doo on me. Because I can't stand it. But Jon & Karen withstood my want to sit in the slop on the S. Side of the South Jetty. Where "sea legs" were mandatory for sure.

As I told them, "Ya'll are on the Jettywolf...You'll be find after you get the rhythm of the seas. She's was built for this".  Which were a close 2-3'.

Although we had good current, the water was all stirred up. We float-rig fished live shrimp down the jetty rocks, deep then shallow and Jon had one small Yellowmouth Trout. That was it!

Last trip there was of course a WAY-LAY. But that of course was under different circumstances.

So we left and worked all over the jetties,

WOW...a keeper!  23-1/2 inches......."into the box!"
then next up.
The usual Jax Redbass. Too Big at 29"

The current Voo-Doo'd me and went all nutty, so we went bottom fishing looking for a Black Drum, which would have been nice at the very end of the rising tide. And amongst a whole bunch of really nice seabass, that would have been keepers just a few years ago, and NO Black Drum.
Karen caught a "Winter time left over visitor" a HAKE! And one of the largest I have ever seen on my boat.

YES...not a pretty fish. But then again, as I said. One that visits from the deep in the winter time, usually. I've looked them up in books and have tried them in the pan, and they really aren't a good eating fish, in my book.  Just another "rock resident".

We went back to float-rigging as the tide started to fall, and wasn't getting much at all. So we headed in. Right after I finished cleaning fish. And Jon & Karen left. Here came the rain! And of course everything got a freshwater wash down by the time I got the Jettywolf home, and back into here shed.

Forecast is for lots of chances for WET weather the next couple of days?

Saturday Sharkin?  I hope so!

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