Monday, April 7, 2014

4/7 - EVERY SINGLE YEAR is never the same......EVER!!!!!!!

This video / SLAUGHTER all day long......of course when no one wanted to go!  Was video'd on March 15th of 2013.


Float-riggin' live shrimp. And pitching jigs and Matrix shad's (soft plastics)

It was complete APE SHIT RIOT, out there, this day I made this video.  Almost felt like I was actually fishing Lake Pontchartrain in Slidell, Louisiana!!

No head-aches. Just NON-stop fish whackin'.  And damn near all by myself most of the day.


Yes, I have had some great days, in 2014:
-Superbowl Sunday (NO ONE wanted to go Feb. 2014)
-Day after, Superbowl Sunday (yeah I killed them back in FEBRUARY 2014)
-Last Tuesday with my favorite fish killer "Traveller" Bob. (See video below this post)

Here's the HUGE difference from this video from March 15 2013, and this past March and even right now in April:
-No TROUT to speak of.....
-No BITES on "soft plastics"
-No multi-species days like this one.

ITS APRIL, right now!!!  DAMMIT.

And people ask me WHY I call this area, BAZZARO WORLD.

Here's what I'm looking for, RIGHT NOW!:
-Insane Trout
-Insane GIANT yellowmouth Trout
-Reds all sizes (more keepers, aka: SMALL REDFISH)
-AND 90% on jigs and Matrix Shads
-NO bait needed, during the "correct tides!"
-Throw in a Sheepshead... Throw in a POMPANO!
-has this even come close yet??  NO.

Believe me when I tell you. Soft Plastics (Matrix Shads) on jig heads. That is in my 100% opinion, when the super spring bite, is in full swing.

Could happen any day now. Do I get a chance or the "TIDE" to always try it out, constantly.
But when it happens for me. I'll let ya know.

Is there places where you can rely on a bite to start when it's supposed too?
Is Jacksonville one of those places?

So, cut me a break. When you want that bucket list, folks.
"I wanna catch bla,bla,bla......"

Heck, SO DO I!

I get very very frustrated. But believe me when I tell you.

"You'll always get the straight scoop here, from me. And alot of B.S. from other sources."

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