Saturday, May 17, 2014


I'm a Daiwa guy now. Sort of been dabbling in the Daiwa's 1st starting with this reel, two of them.
And then going with 4- (older model) Sealine 900H 9/0's and 2- (older model) Sealine 400H 4/0 conventional reels for my sharkin tackle.

But this is not about the Sharkin tackle. It's about Following up on a video I did a while back. Sort of comparing my "WORK HORSES" the Shimano TR-100G's to the Daiwa Saltist 20HC reels.

Here's the follow-up after many months of use.

OH YEAH....I'm a Daiwa man now too!
-Fits my fishing

The perfect bottom fishing, plug casting, Inshore/offshore, Trolling,  "step-up" reel from my "work horse" Shimano TR-100G's

Here's the differences: