Friday, June 6, 2014

6/5,6,7 - From 5 year olds to 100 pounders!

I go from not doing a single "2 hour kids trip" for months on end, too more of them then regular adult fishing trips!!!

Do 5 and 6 year olds even go to school??

I figured it's because they are finally out of school??

Well, I did one with off for the summer school teachers from Louisiana.
and their 5 year old little girl on Thursday.

Then, today a 4 person Sharkin trip, with some young guys, off school. We had about 6-7 Sharks total, and half of them 100 pounder type Blacktip Sharks while running the shrimp boats. The fight on the big Blacktips commonly goes on for 30+ minutes many times. So, at that point, it's not a numbers game.

Yesterday, there was at least 10 Shrimp boats out past the jetties. Today.......TWO!

So our options were not numerous.

Didn't get any video or photos since I was pretty damn busy with the four guys. But they sure got a education, about a lot of things, "Fishing".

Tomorrow:   6/7 - early morning "2 hr Kids trip" with 2 dads and two kids.

Finally saw some Pogies today at 1:00pm all the way past the Jax beach pier. That would have been a long ride just to get bait. Made some drifts through them without any hook-ups. But it was already afternoon, and that's usually the slow down part of the day anyhow.


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