Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18 - COMING SOON, but not soon enough!!!!

pulled from the video ARCHIVES: (my YOUTUBE CHANNEL)

2013 First of October. REPORT on air temp, weekday fishing, and TROUT!
This will be coming around soon. And I can't wait.

I love pitchin' with super "LT", and Matrix Shads on lead-heads, so much I wish I lived in Louisiana!!!!    (where that's basically all ya need to catch F-I-S-H)

But around here, it works a lot better when the water temp ISN'T 86 degrees! 
Ran across this "video report" from last year at the jetties and thought I'd share it one mo' time.

Personally, I'd be getting ready to reserve a day ANYWHERE near a HOLIDAY.
(Labor day is fast approaching) Right now!!!!!!!!!

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