Saturday, August 2, 2014

8/2 - Rough waters, EAST Flow

Yes, East flow means everything was coming from the East, or at least the S.E. The breeze, and the seas.  Had the Darling Crew aboard today and started out at the beach tossing the net for Pogies.
Had a plan to fish them on the bottom and not worry about the sharks. If they bit us off, I'd just deal with it.

First fish, a 20 pound Redbass. Second fish a healthy Bonnethead Shark, third fish.......SPOOLING Mike!  Yep, he hooked something that hit the surface twice, frothed  and then took off EASTWARD, as the line on my Shimano Triton 200's drag smoked off 200 yards.

We still had it!  So I pulled the anchor, and gave chase. Right up to the South Jetties green buoy where it wrapped around the buoy chain and finally popped Mike off.

WOW, and we never saw it. Had no idea if it was a huge shark that ate a "cut" piece of Pogie. And how it didn't bite thru the 50 pound Mono leader?

Was it a Shark?  Was it a Tarpon that tried to jump in the super current and didn't get airborne?
Who knows. But exciting is a calm word to describe the mayhem in the 4 foot rolling seas south of the south jetty.

-Due west winds...NOT GOOD
-Due east winds....NOT GOOD

We had neither. Just huge "SLOP-CHOPPY" seas. Of course NO ONE, but the JETTYWOLF could ever anchor in.  Other's tried, other's left out to never come back.

But it was good current. But the bites faded fast after re-anchoring up after the chase.

No video, and just one 20 pound Redfish photo today kids......

Tried all over the around the jetties for action. Only found a few small Whiting the rest of the day.

Same "Flow" is coming on Sunday too. Have to find a different plan.    

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